A Sacred Cow Is Not Your Friend

A lovely leisurely morning turned completely upside down. Having overcome the nightmare of no whole grain flour, I now have a loaf of whole wheat bread rising. I had hidden five pounds in my studio fridge. The novel coronavirus has me quarantined with nothing better to do than catch up with necessary reading and film watching. You call it research for work. I call it a pleasurably way to spend a day on my porch.

One of my items to do has been to find out about the big kerfuffle over the new Michael Moore film on the environment. Actually, he was the executive producer; the movie is really a Jeff Gibbs film. Twitter was lit up as McKibbon, Sierra Club, and others are trying to claim this movie is filled with lies and distortions. As always I’ll just ask. “who stand to lose the most cash if this movie takes off?” So I needed to watch and decide for myself.

https://planetofthehumans.com/  It’s free. Watch through the credits to see what impacts it has made on Sierra Club and 350.org . They had posted it on YouTube, but as you will see, where there’s money there is the power to shut down the truth, which YouTube has done. Someone got a lawyer to claim copyright infringement. That’s OK. They are streaming from their own website and the fact that one of these offended folks are trying to silence him? Well it makes me feel a bit like a QAnon conspiracy theorist, but I’m going to say it anyway, “watch it and decide.” A conspiracy is a secretly manipulated events. These folks have more money than you, proud of their power, and up front.

My distrust of large not-for-profits is seriously reinforced in this. Also, I am reminded that sacred cows are not good pets. Sometimes they bite. This is hard to watch, but makes its point very clearly: we will not be able to consume our way out of our own demise, no matter how “clean” the energy.

Watch this. Tell me why it is garbage or post it on all your accounts before telling me why you think it matters.

3 thoughts on “A Sacred Cow Is Not Your Friend

  1. I promoted the movie on Facebook, with this comment “Lots of thoughts about this movie! First, I think you should watch it. There are important ideas about our human impact on the planet that we need to keep always in front of us. The movie reminds me that every choice I make has an impact, and while I will be consuming as long as I’m alive, I can consume less, I can be more conscious of my consumption. The biggest message is that we cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet.
    There has been a lot of criticism about inaccuracies in the movie. Some of the facts presented on solar and wind appear to be outdated. That doesn’t negate the overall message in my mind. It reminds me that I always need to do due diligence in making choices.”

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    1. I find those arguing that this is bad journalism because of old news ridiculous. Some advances have been made in the last couple years, but none that make the thesis of the film any different. We can’t keep consuming at the present levels. Some of us are already pretty low consumers and even we can always do better. The consumption’s going to end one way or another.


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