Girl Fight

Twice in one week I found my self hearing a woman say that Trump’s winning was my fault for not supporting Hillary Clinton. Even though I said I voted for the female candidate I saw as seriously flawed, both of these women accused me of insufficiently “supporting” the woman candidate because somehow I had been a dupe of the male hegemony.

Greater Dayton Conservation Fund

Close-up of blades of grass with raindrops

Founded in 2006 to support innovation in caring for the Earth, stewardship, and healing. To learn more about the Fund, visit The Dayton Foundation: At some vague time  in the 60s I remember being amazed at seeing people zipping along the Mad river at Embury Park in motor boats. I had lived my whole … Continue reading Greater Dayton Conservation Fund

Feeling the Warm

Suffering is relative. My relatives heated their house with a gas stove the size of a kitchen stove located in the living room. The old fireplace was filled in with cement and the stove pipe ran through the old chimney and the table-height unit sat on the hearth.