Greater Dayton Conservation Fund

Close-up of blades of grass with raindrops

Founded in 2006 to support innovation in caring for the Earth, stewardship, and healing. To learn more about the Fund, visit The Dayton Foundation: At some vague time  in the 60s I remember being amazed at seeing people zipping along the Mad river at Embury Park in motor boats. I had lived my whole … Continue reading Greater Dayton Conservation Fund

Feeling the Warm

Suffering is relative. My relatives heated their house with a gas stove the size of a kitchen stove located in the living room. The old fireplace was filled in with cement and the stove pipe ran through the old chimney and the table-height unit sat on the hearth.

Triangle Park

Back in 1960 Ramsey recorded the “… the larger, more picturesque specimens in which the trunk circumference four and one half feet from the ground measure four feet or more. …” Looking at the map and the circles representing trees it is clear that many of the trees that were recorded in 1960 are gone and a walk through the park one will see the stumps of trees cut for any number of reasons.