Discomfort Zones

“Yes, getting older is hard.” She was trying to show sympathy with my frustrations, but the comment only made me more irritated.

“No. Getting older is not hard. In fact, it’s effortless and in most ways I’m better than ever. It’s this system that makes things difficult and then we are patronized and patted, and told us it’s our fault for being old or that there is nothing that can be done. Well, an unwillingness to do something is not the same as inevitability”

The young woman said nothing as she turned to make her entries into the computer. When she turned back around she said, “You look tense.”

Wisdom comes from experience and sometimes it requires we hold our thoughts inside. My expression turned from tense to profound irritation as I changed the subject in response.

Old is a social position assigned to us, nothing more. Rich white people suffer from it, though they’re rich white people so they can avoid the compounded insults that come from being otherwise. Do not patronize people whose social status makes you uncomfortable. Ever. Deal with your discomfort.

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