American Genocide

“Why don’t we let this wash over the country?”

Though the inquiry was made in a space not open to the public, the President’s question was confirmed. In all fairness, if this were anyone else, I would assume that he was asking in order to determine how bad it would be for us if we did nothing. The question would be reasonable to ask, but this is not a man who has shown himself open to thoughtful research or caring about human life. Those of us watching him, however, immediately assumed that he was signaling that he was willing to let this happen. We really don’t know what he was thinking and our frustration and outrage will not let us consider any but the worst options.

What has emerged is that others in his circle may have looked at that question and understood the answer could serve them well. The answer is that because our healthcare system has so profoundly malfunctioned for so long, because our corporations have have been prioritized over people, because we have been slowly simmered in the frog soup of marketing and education we have an extraordinary percentage of citizens who are poor in health, housing, nutrition, education, and cash who feel completely disempowered to fight back. On that pie chart of federal expenditures, the amount of money going out to Social Security, health and human services, SNAP and all the other programs and agencies that past generations put in place because they saw the US as a country that took care of its own, that slice of the pie is big. Really big.

If something like, say a pandemic that no one was to blame for, were to “wash over the country”, the largest losses would be to those that are recipients of our previous culture’s caring. Talk about budget-balancing! It’s a neoconservative dream to get rid of anything from the federal budget that isn’t military or paying their incomes. Those synapses of the folks suffering from the idea that the single most important role of government was financial must have fired wildly all at once.

“I don’t take responsibility at all.”

The comments that no one’s to blame for this are exactly what’s needed to explain away the current eugenics-style plan. If hundreds of thousands of Americans die– not just the folks in the US; viruses don’t respect immigration laws either– and no one is at fault can it really be genocide? Of course not. It becomes simply an unfortunate event. All the disavowing of blame and responsibility belies the truth of not doing anything to mitigate the “washing over” the elderly, the poor, the sick.

Elected people are responsible for the well-being of all people living in this country. The indigenous peoples, the descendants of captured, transported, and enslaved people, the immigrants, the visitors, as well as the progeny of Europe who immigrated to this continent. These elected people are also obligated to the interests of citizens by caring about and sometimes for the people that share our borders.

At a time when there should be an outpouring of concern for humanity there is only silence and blame-finding and excusing from legislators who only care about personal profit. The leadership in the Senate stands closely alongside a corrupt yet failed business person who made his way with Father’s money and mob leaders. They want me (and probably you if you are the wrong kind of American) to go away however that may happen. How convenient for them there’s a pandemic that’s nobody’s fault. Not only do they want us to die, they are now encouraging the spread of a virus capable of doing their dirty work by opening for business. How convenient for them that an army of their followers has formed that will chant that it was my fault for not staying home. My fault, me and hundreds of thousands of US citizens dying in the greatest country on Earth.


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